Any independent filmmaker will tell you, the hardest part about bringing one’s artistic vision to life is getting it out in front of that all-important audience. With the rapidly changing face of the industry, through technological advancement and an overabundance of viewing platforms, independent filmmakers find themselves being squeezed out of a market dictated by big studio supply-and-demand. To address this concern, Borderlands Media LLC was established in 2015 to bring a fresh, new approach to independent motion picture distribution.

Here at Borderlands Media, we support talented, up-and-coming, ambitious storytellers, a commitment to first-class service, and a unified ambition to produce compelling and marketable content. Founded by filmmakers, we are a team of movie lovers who are dedicated to bringing you engaging entertainment from the Borderlands and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Troy Scoughton, Sr.

Troy Scoughton  Sr. is a film/television producer with over ten years experience in production, planning and programming, and is now a member in good standing with the Producers Guild Of America. As owner and manager of PRC Productions, Troy has engaged in the production of feature, short and award-winning documentary films, often taking on the roles of line producer and/or sound mixer on set.

Troy Scoughton, Jr.


Post Production Supervisor

Troy Scoughton Jr. has been working in and around the entertainment Industry for about 20 years. Starting off in the music industry – drumming professionally for about 12 years – then following a passion for still photography and journalism he eventually began training in the film industry.  Troy has 10 years of award-winning experience (35th Annual Telly Awards, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival) behind the camera and setting up lighting, along with years of  editorial experience on various NLE editing platforms. He is a graduate of DACC's film program.

David Salcido


A life-long cinephile, David Salcido has worked in and around the film industry pretty much his entire adult life. From movie reviews and articles in dozens of industry publications — including Entertainment Weekly, Movieline, Pop Smear and Video Business — to over 15 years as a spin doctor in the employ of such notable organizations as Paramount Pictures, Full Moon Entertainment and Lionsgate Entertainment, he’s turned his passion into a full-time pursuit.