"...devilishly funny... brilliantly entertaining... a marvelous piece of escapism." ~ U.K. Film Review

"a comic tour de force!" ~ The Horror Congress

"a fun film that is branded as campy, but plays through like a warm axe through cartilage." ~ ReelRomp

"do yourself a favor, and take a step down into the abyss." ~ IndyRed


High camp, ribald humor and unexpected guests are the order of the day when Lady Belladonna and her nefarious minion Addy take on the film industry from her high-rise penthouse overlooking Hell. Join the Mistress of Perdition as she matches wits with film auteur Ed Wood, who drops in to make her an offer she can’t refuse. Interspersed with never-before-seen stories of vampire vengeance, misplaced curses, alien invasions and more tantalizing trips beyond the veil, Lady Belladonna’s Tales From The Inferno is a hellish anthology of immorality and damnation, with a twist! Included are the titles “Family Tradition,” “7 Doors,” “Hexit Strategy,” “Light Signs” and “The Inferno.”

Company: PRC Productions

Running Time: 96 minutes

Year Produced: 2018

Genre: Horror Comedy Anthology

Director: David Salcido

Writer: David Salcido

Executive Producer: Troy Scoughton Sr. p.g.a.

Main Cast: Tawnya Bass, Donny Prosise, Rafael Medina


As with the last anthology, the concept of Lady Belladonna's Tales From The Inferno depends largely on the shorts that take up the bulk of the screening time. Created by both up-and-coming filmmakers and veterans of the industry, each was produced and created separately, then later assembled by the partners of Borderlands Media to become part of this production.


Bekah discovers a terrible family secret locked in her father’s shed, but her good intentions put her family at risk and it becomes her mission to stop a horrible generational cycle.

Writer/director Robert Posey lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he does his best everyday to tell incredible stories through film. Co-director Justin Holtzen has a B.A. in Media Arts from the University of New Mexico and is a videographer/editor at Moji Cinema in Albuquerque.


A simple-minded man buys occult supplies to put a hex on someone who did him wrong, but he ends up botching the whole thing and pays dearly for it.

Writer/director Arturo Portillo is an actor, screenwriter and director who graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Television News Production. His first feature film, Beaten, made its debut in May 2018.


Dante has finally entered hell, but is given a second chance at life by the sacrifice of his beloved Beatrice, if he can deny the temptations awaiting him at each level.

Writer/directors Leah Leyva and Amelia Shepard are cousins and life-long collaborators. Leah is a singer/songwriter based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico whose passion for combining her love of music and film has served her well as an actor/director.


A businesswoman finds herself trapped in a twisted hotel run by two mysterious bickering gentlemen, which may or may not open the doors to her very consciousness.

Writer/producer Alex Gianopoulos is a location manager and scout for major television and movie productions including Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Preacher and Lone Survivor. Director/editor Jac Roberts is a professional editor at the Reelz Channel and has directed dozens of short films, documentaries, music videos and ads.


Happily married young couple Liz and Matthew find themselves at the center of a silent invasion by aliens that use light as a means of accomplishing their goals.

Writer/cinematographer Kent Harkey is a graduate of Creative Media Institute in southern New Mexico who has dozens of short films, music videos and features under his belt. Co-writer/director David Salcido is just happy to work with such talented and passionate young filmmakers-on-the-rise.


Lady Belladonna's Tales From The Inferno premiere, October 5, 2018.