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Johnny Florez (In his own words) is now out on Amazon, Kindle & other major booksellers!

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After transcribing hours of handwritten documents, the Johnny Florez project is finally coming to an end.


Earlier this year, Isabel (Johnny's long-time partner, musically and emotionally, and caretaker), approached us with the task of creating his memoirs in a tangible form. With some of our team: Conner Chavez, Senka, Troy Scoughton, Sr., Sylvia Scoughton, Tiffany Scoughton, Troy Scoughton Jr, and probably some I am not mentioning.. but just for emphasis, it took an army to complete this! ​


This book was carefully put together and edited, pictures were lent to us by the family and loved ones, and used in the book with their permission.   We hope you all enjoy this book as much as we did creating it!

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