A group of film students stumble upon a top secret test facility hidden in the New Mexico wilderness. Unknown to them, the hospital was ground zero for a large-scale test of a truth serum ten years earlier; a test that went disastrously wrong. Now infected with the deadly virus, the students fight against time, overzealous guards, each other and an inability to lie in a frantic search to find the truth.

Company: PRC Productions

Running Time: 96 minutes

Year Produced: 2013

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Director: Michael J. Cramer

Writer: Michael J. Cramer

Executive Producer: Troy Schoughton Sr. p.g.a.

Main Cast: William McNamara, Johnny Tabor, Sabrina Gomez, Kenneth McGlothin

“A psychological thriller, where the psyche itself is the subject of interest.” ~ Morgan On Media


“The moody, atmospheric visual style is both evocative and redolent of classic horror films.” ~ Rodney Twelvetree, Fernby Films


“Tense, timely and terrifying…” ~ The Alibi