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The Author's Corner

Here we take you into the authors' chair!  Meet your favorite Borderlands Media authors and

gain some insights of their books.  


Fenton is a retired biologist whose writing includes eight prior novels, twenty-two publications in the scientific literature, and several poems published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal and online at Eskimo Pie.

Fenton lives with his wife, two grandsons, four dogs, five aquaria, a red-eared slider turtle with his own pond, and eight cats. He enjoys watching Nature and NOVA on PBS and sitting under the gazebo in his backyard, watching the birds, butterflies, moths, and bees on the flowers.

“The Man in the Gray Duster” is the fourth installment of Fenton’s Carol Montgomery Mystery Series and the first to be published with Las Cruces based company Borderlands Media.

Look for this title in early July 2024!!

Fenton R. Kay
Author of  -- The Man in the Gray Duster

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