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The Author's Corner

Here we take you into the authors' chair!  Meet your favorite Borderlands Media authors and

gain some insights of their books.  


Troy Scoughton, SR.
Author of Do It (Then Talk about it)

Troy Scoughton Sr is an Electrical Engineer, founded the most successful engineering and manufacturing business in the Southwest, builder of race cars and hot rods, Army Veteran, made award winning films and now writing his autobiography.

He started out in Florida, picking oranges for family funds and throwing the paper at age 10.  He left school in the tenth grade to work full time and support his siblings and his mom.


They had many ups and downs along the way, but somehow, he ended up here in Las Cruces, NM.  


Troy shares his story in his first published novel "Do It (Then Talk about it). 


Look forward to this book in early July, late June, 2024!  

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