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Happy 2024!

Updated: May 20

Hello again and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season.

Today, we'll talk about our projects and new books to come out in 2024.

One of those books is "One World United". This is a Sci-fi, Fictional, first in its series book!! This novel takes you on a ride in space after a huge war on Earth, it's the before and aftermath with a sci-fi twist!! We're just finishing up the editing process, so expect this one soon!!

"Do It (then talk about it later)" is also one of our up-and-coming books of 2024! This is an autobiography by our own, Troy Scoughton, Sr. It takes you on life's ups and downs, and how we all tend to plan everything out so carefully, yet it works out how it works out, despite our planning efforts. We're just finishing up the last few chapters, but we're close to the finish of this book as well!!

We're excited for 2024, with new ideas and stories on the horizon, even looking into doing our printing. We will keep you informed!

Again, Happy New Year everyone!

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