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Hello March!!

Good Morning everyone, hoping today finds you well! Currently, we are working on printing One World United, final illustrations and edits on Do It (then talk about it), and general work on Dreaming in Color.

Loving these projects because each one is COMPLETELY different. We're working through each process and learning new approaches as we go. Our team is becoming more defined, as we each hold a key to this methodology. It's really exciting to see everyone progress.

So, I'm going to brag a bit... Mallow Bovinete', our lead directional editor and social media guru has been huge in getting this watch ticking. They are consistent in pushing new ideas and processes to get the team on track as well as destroying all plot holes! Conner Chavez (Miri), our lead editor and digital designer, was our editing final wall. He was able to find character flaws and promote good storytelling while staying in our author's voice. Senka Peñafiel, our lead design and graphics guru, formatted the entire book and created a beautifully-catching cover.

We all work together as a team, brainstorming new ideas and pushing ahead. I'm just the frosting on this cake and it has MANY layers!! I appreciate everything they do for this company and can't wait to see them grow and move forward as we progress. Great job team!!

Also.. Have you checked out our MERCH?! Yes!!! WE HAVE MERCH!!! Go check out our shop!! It's right here on!!

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