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Welcome New Authors!

Hello everyone, hoping this May finds you well!

This month, we have been focusing our efforts on getting "One World United" out to stores as well as finishing up "Do it (then talk about it)", and considering new projects/authors.

You can find both of these books on our website

We will be welcoming a few more authors this month! However, we can only accept a few, as we are a team of four. Could this be you?

Keep scrolling for more information!!


What are we looking for?

We're looking for finished, or almost finished, unpublished, unique, work. It would need to be rated PG13 (not worried about cussing, more on other content), and not offensive. Since we're a small company, we'd like to stay as politically correct as we can!

What can we provide?

We provide editing, illustrations, cover designs, and advice on how to get your words out. We use Ingram Spark for distributing, and they are able to get it places online for us. We're working on getting them physically in stores.

We can provide some marketing as well as content for ads.

What do we get out of this?

We take a 60/40 cut from book sales and sell book merch. We also get experience working with the community, providing a service and being a liaison between the author and larger companies. The author becomes a part of the marketing team as well.

Interested? Info below

Later in 2024, we will have a book signing at Coas Books with Heather Lutz's new book "One World United"!

It will take place during the farmers market on the 2nd of November from 10am-12pm.

So come on by and grab your signed copy!!

We still have books available at our website, as well as other major retailors.

Everyone have a safe and happy May!!! Until next time, read more books!!

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