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One World United Book cover
  • One World United - Vol 1

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    When Alyssa and James set out to make history in a world saving effort to colonize a Space Port on the top of Earth’s atmosphere, they are optimistic with their role. With One World United in their corner, everything seems to go perfectly.  But when a worker from One World United finds the truth and tries to warn the family in space, things take a turn for the worse, proving that most governments do not learn from their mistakes and that the human right to live will always be challenged.


    Written by Heather Lutz, A native of Southern New Mexico, Heather Lutz has always been fascinated with storytelling. Being an avid reader helped fuel her imagination and helped to lead her into the world of writing.  Heather is a full-time grant writer and helps to run the ‘Keep Luna County Beautiful’ program while being an active member of the Chamber of Commerce.  When she is not working or writing, she enjoys working on films, both in front and behind the camera with her husband.



    This is a paperback Novel, Pg size 8.5 x 5.5


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