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Our refund policy is that you have 30 days from delivery to return product unless audio book, digital product or paperback books. 


Product must be shipped and unused/new with at 20% resale charge. 


If product is damaged or used, it will not be accepted and a refund will not be issued.

If product is an audiobook, paperback book, digital product or downloadable product, no refund or return will be accepted.


If product is defective, it will be accepted and a full refund will be issued.  

***All returns will be taken on a one to one basis, so please reach out prior to return so we can be sure to meet your needs!***

Become an affiliate!

Want to make some extra cash supporting your favorite micropublisher by sharing an affiliate link and gaining commission on all items purchased through it? Look no further! 

Borderlands Media offers an affiliate program where you can sign up, get your own unique affiliate link, and share it to your social media platforms. If someone clicks your link and purchases our items that way, you'll get commission for every unit sold!

To become an affiliate, click the button that says, 'affiliate info' now, and fill out the info!

When becoming an affiliate, you must join our discord and communicate with us so that we can add you to our affiliate team and screen you moving forward; otherwise, you may be removed from our affiliate program.

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